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Why DisneySavvy?


You’re going to Walt Disney World!  Do you have the plan together?

You’re smart and savvy…but you’re also busy:

  • Growing a business
  • Raising a family
  • Managing a household

Your time is precious, right? You’re already slammed and barely have time to yourself.  One more thing on your plate just doesn’t sound terribly fun, even if it is Disney related.  Does that feel familiar?

I mean, you are just as capable of Googling all things Disney as anyone. But do you have the time to wade through the chaos that Google spits out at you?

You’re already investing in a Disney experience.  Shouldn’t you have a plan for that experience so you can have the joy and magic you want out of it?

Full disclosure:  I’m not a travel agent.  I don’t do nuts and bolts booking (eg airfare).  I help you create the experience plan for your Walt Disney World vacation.

Whether you want to be the complete DIYer, want a personal concierge planning service or something in between, I’ve got you covered! You’ll find options that work for the level of control you need in your Disney Experience.

Bryan and Cate - Magic Kingdom

What to Expect

I work hard to stay on top of all things Disney and share that with you in the weekly newsletterAnd since I’ve been traveling to Walt Disney World for 20 years on nearly 30 separate occasions, I know what I’m doing.  

I love Disney planning.  I have self-diagnosed O.D.D. ~ Obsessive Disney Disorder.  :-)

My commitment is to give you the very best of everything I know and be honest about everything as we move forward.

Why am I the Disney Experience Consultant?


I’m a multi-passionate entrepreneur.

As a former engineer, I’m a strategic and innovative thinker.  I can MacGyver with the best of them.

As an operations manager, I see systems.  One of my best qualities is that I can see through chaos and find solutions quickly.

So I took my knowledge and love of Disney and married it to my skill with operations and systems to be a Disney Experience Consultant.

Take a tour of Check it out.  Then send me a note and let me know what you think.


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